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Jeremy, 50s

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"I signed up for wellness 45 program to boost my energy level. Not only did I lose weight and felt better after the program, my clients & friends commented that I look younger & fitter. My Visceral fats went from 12 to 7. I I had no rebounce in term of weight as I have adopted a healthier eating habits after the wellness45 program... 14 Oct 2016

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Grant Tay, 30s

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I have worked as a hairstylist for the past 15years, it is a chemical filled environment as we have to handle hair dye, chemical for curling hair and various hair products. This is my second doing liver detox. I was relieved to see red stones urged out from my body  as they signify chemicals. I am going to do third time detox.

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Eric, 30s

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I was taking cholesterol lowering drug for a few years but it didn’t bring down my cholesterol much. After the W45 program I was surprised  to see  significant reduction in cholesterol level. This program is easy to follow and I have adopted healthy eating since.

Tee Seng Chong, 40s

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I am constantly tired as my job requires working on overnight shifts. After I did the liver detox I felt more energetic, I can sleep better and feel more refreshed.

Picture1 Liver Detox - Calcified stones
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